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JOEY YU is a bilingual, award-winning Fantasy & Sci-Fi novelist with 5 published Mandarin books and 1 English comic, all set in original worlds he created. He co-authored a bestselling nonfiction book that sold over 220,000 copies in Asia. He also wrote tie-in stories for Riot Games' League of Legends IP. 

Joey is also an aspiring screenwriter. In 2021, His English Sci-Fi short screenplay was placed as 1/4-Finalist in Austin Film Festival & Page Awards (both first-tier screenplay contests), and as a Finalist in Creative World Awards. Joey has been commissioned to write and consult for TV series and feature films, including US-China joint developments and major Sci-Fi films in Asia.

Joey is the inaugural winner of George R. R. Martin's Terran Award in 2018, which funded his participation in Taos Toolbox master writing class run by Hugo Award winner Nancy Kress and industry giant Walter Jon Williams. 

Joey was born in Taipei; he studied in Vancouver, and has lived in Shanghai for the past decade.


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Published Language: English (translated to 16 other languages)

The Bow, and the Kunai, one of the two short stories Joey wrote for the League of Legends canon universe, has received wide acclaim from League fans worldwide. 

Click the image below for a direct portal to the story! 


Published Language: Mandarin

The Sunlight Trilogy is an epic futuristic fantasy series with a thoroughly crafted world, told through chapters of POV characters exploring a menacing future Earth where the sky is sealed by perpetual clouds. Sunlight, never witnessed by human eyes, has become a religion, and Shade Riders — a legion of human warriors capable of traversing snow-clad continents — are humanity’s last hope against the threat of enigmatic monsters. They are knights of the future, riding spirit-inhabited boards, wielding a variety of balanced weapons in both hands, arcing through flake-filled air like Asian Wuxia combatants . . . The books tell of a highly kinetic epic tale.

- Selected as "Top 10 Recommended Original Novels of 2021" by 3 prominent Sci-Fi Databases in China.

- Selected as "Books from Taiwan 2021" (12 out of 370 published works) by the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture.

Sunlight Trilogy Poster.jpeg

Published Language: English & Mandarin

Earth has split apart into two hemispheres, one keeps rotating, continuing its technological development, while the other stands still, reverting back to the dark ages. The only people capable of crossing between the hemispheres are female warriors who can manipulate weapons made from a mysterious metal. But to do so, each girl needs the help of a Cultivator — a male counterpart who must offer up his blood to her blades. 

Accolades: First funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the graphic novel has then been published in Mandarin by a ChengDu publisher.

Click the image below for the original Kickstarter campaign! 


VOID OF LIGHT (a Sci-Fi Shared Universe)
Published Language: Mandarin

A shared universe written by Joey and 3 Chinese Sci-Fi novelists, with artworks created by a team of concept art professionals. The world is set at the edge of the galaxy where humanity has evolved into 3 races, each leveraging on a distinct technology: cell-merged nano particles that allow people to manipulate high-tech surroundings; genetic modifications that make people invincible at distant planets without the need of terraforming; hydrogen fusion tech that grants people the ability to control water in unbelievable ways. These human races thrive in star regions within the span of 100 lightyears, under the protection of an ancient, enigmatic light coming from the central planet: The Light dispels a hive-mind A.I. that has dominated the galaxy with its self-replicating, gray-goo minions ——

Until now, when the Light goes out.  


Published Language: Mandarin

Legends told of the Eye of Truth as an ancient artifact, allowing its wearer to perceive everything that had happened and was happening. Yet along with this power came an evil curse that would crush the wearers’ minds. For millennia, no humans dared to touch the Eye, leaving it to the dusts of history.

One day, a boy puts on the Eye, seeking a way to resurrect his dead puppy.

Accolades: Runner-up Prize of Kadokawa Light Novel Contest

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