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Split Earth is a sci-fi fantasy story set in the future, when half of the earth is ruled by a blazing menace, while the other half harbours the remaining human bases. Brave souls are sent forward to explore lost civilisations and rescue those who were once left behind.

Only a select number of female Warriors can defeat the enemy with Dark Stone blades, weapons that must be constantly nourished by male blood. Thus, each Warrior is always paired with her Cultivator while going into dangerous missions. 

Our story follows Zerly (codename "Sprite") and her team when they go across hemispheres, landing on a land of constant sunlight, to begin a perilous journey.

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Human Warriors and Alabaster separated by the Blue Light

Demo of the World Setting Art Book 1

Design: Helen Frost, leader of the human city Black Crystropolis

Male Cultivators are charged with a highly critical task

Captain Lotus of the rescue team

Design: advanced Warrior with links of talon-blades

Demo of the World Setting Art Book 2

Inside the Capsule, ready for launch

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We Offer

  Graphic Novel - 164 Pages   (37% more content!!)

  World Setting Art Book   (currently unavailable)

You Will . . .

  Experience a mind-blowing story in amazing graphics, told through a single-volume book.

  Follow 4 unlikely duos embarking on a dangerous mission across hemispheres. 

  Immerse yourself in the grand mystery and adventure of our sci-fi fantasy saga!

Be the Supporters of . . .

   A vast, breath-taking world never before seen.

   A self-funded project by 3 creators.

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Design: Helen Frost, leader of the human city Black Crystropolis